Educating Children in Conflict Zones:
Research, Policy, and Practice for Systemic Change, A Tribute to Jackie Kirk

Edited by Karen Mundy and Sarah Dryden-Peterson
Teachers College Press, 2011


Teachers College Press


“Injustice anywhere upsets me deeply. Too many children living in conflict face the great injustice of being denied their right to education. This book captures the voices of children and teachers in their craving for a better world. Education is the key to that world. Inspiring and refreshing, this book is hopeful. Its new ideas give promise to children living in conflict for the chance at a quality education, a better future, and lives of peace.”

—Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

Inspired by the work of the late Dr. Jacqueline Kirk, this book takes a penetrating look at the challenges of delivering quality education to the approximately 39 million out-of-school children around the world who live in situations affected by violent conflict. With chapters by leading researchers on education in war and other conflict zones, the volume provides a comprehensive and critical overview of the links between conflict and children’s access to education, as well as a review of the policies and approaches taken by those offering international assistance in this area. Empirical case studies drawn from diverse contexts—Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, and Uganda (among others)—offer readers a deeper understanding of the educational needs of these children and the practical challenges to meeting these needs.



International Education for the Millennium.
Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press.

Edited by Benjamin Piper, Sarah Dryden-Peterson, and Young-Suk Kim
Harvard Education Press, 2006



Harvard Education Press


International Education for the Millennium offers a detailed and comprehensive look at this vitally important field. Centrally concerned with the development of successful education systems and institutions throughout the world, the volume addresses those pressing questions—about access, equity, and quality—that inform the field today. The volume sheds light on important areas within this vast field: on contemporary theoretical work and research; on a range of national and international policies; and on education reform in developing countries.

A volume that considers international education on the global, national, and local levels—and that addresses theoretical, scholarly, and practical matters—International Education for the Millennium offers an impressive array of ideas, perspectives, and resources for scholars, policymakers, and practitioners.